A different professional training to close the year

My year of 2009 seems being closed by a professional training, which is very different from all other trainings I have ever received so far.
— It spans over “time” and “space”, a 4-dimentional structure: 
It is instructor-led, but he is in Ottawa.
There are 8 participants: 2 in Toronto, 2 in Ottawa, and still other 4 in Calgary and Edmonton respectively.
So it crosses over 4 cities and two time zones. 
— Vastly different backgrounds of the trainees 
There are developers, business analysts, IT manager, database person, and one green hand in OLAP (On-Line Analysis Processing). So the instructor has been worked really hard to justify the trainees’ technical knowledge so that none will fall too far behind (good luck!).
— Virtualization is widely used
All the labs are organized as collections of virtual servers. Simply click to start the virtual server designated for a lab and then go a head to finish the work, as all the prerequisites are already included in the virtual server settings for that specific lab.
— A very delightful learning environment
Just imagine only two people in a big classroom without anybody looking over your shoulders. Wouldn’t relaxing be the first thing you feel for yourself?
— And finally, the one I like the most
Both breakfast and lunch are provided each of the training days, in addition to free drinks.
I have to be honest: this is not shabby at all.
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2 Responses to A different professional training to close the year

  1. Eve says:

    Look likes you had a good time~ ^^

  2. 中原古风 says:

    By all means. I had three relaxing days.

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