An interesting way of spending my vacation time

It may sound really ironic that I have been spending most of the time of my only "real" vacation week in 2009 on driving and walking around in the GTA for shopping, mostly window shopping to be more precisely, for I am really someone who would spend most of his time reading and surfing at home. 
I travel form store to store and from counter to counter, pretending to be a serious consumer purchasing TVs, DSLR cameras, dishwashers, blazers, watches, groceries, ect., chat with the sales people about the features and functions of the products they sell.
All this may look silly and senseless, but it starts to be more and more beneficial to me.
A big surprise is my mind being freed from working stresses, and my job and my company now seem somewhere in another world. That is the kind of relief I had been hoping for in the past months.
Walking is now a much more bearable exercise. My legs and waist felt broken up and refused to work anymore when I started last Saturday and Sunday, but now I walk with ease from place to place.   
There have been quite a few laughs from chatting with the sales peoples, bringing joy to the others and myself. I remember clearly how amusing the situation was when I was at the Newmarket Costco store chatting with that Karaoke DVD salesperson. Seeing me passing by while gazing at his products, he decided to make some extra efforts to make a sale so he stopped me to show me how the DVD works. At one point during his demonstration I asked him how well it would sound if someone sings along with it, then he started to sing along with it himself. But unfortunately his voice was really hoarse and unpleasant, so I jokingly told him that I was not going to buy it because I did not want to be the one to spoil the whole joyful ambiance of Christams Eve. Guess what he said? "That is why I have not bought it myself, my friend". Laughter burst out right away from people surrounding him, and he himself laughed so much that he bended down for a while.
And I learned a great deal about some of the "hot" products. How many of you know what a dead pixel is and how often it can appear on your large screen TV? How many of you know that resolution is not the single criterion showing the the quality of a digital camera? How a BOSH dishwasher out ranks its competitors? 
Same as everything else having pros and cons, there is also an issue with my new way of killing time: my wife said once: "I thought I was the one who likes shopping the most in our house".
I was speechless in responding to this remark.
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