Sad News

After consuming me almost two months of waiting and expecting, sad news came forth today at noon and shattered my dream of a career direction change this year. All the preparations and plans now came into vain.
And that definitely adds one new entry to the already lengthy list of "Things Poor Frank Cannot Do".  
Understanding that the Lord has closed the door leading to that path, I would accept but the result no matter how bitter it is and how much it disappoints me.
However,  looking at the bright side, I’d say at least I tried with efforts, and there is no regret in this regard. "The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord."
Hopefully the Lord will instead open a window for me, I place my hope in His hands.
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2 Responses to Sad News

  1. Eve says:

    都说,上帝为你关上一扇门的同时会为你打开另一扇窗。 相信明天会更美好~

  2. 中原古风 says:

    Eve: I really appreciate your supportive words. True, I am hoping paitiently myself.

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