Sad news in 24-hours

The past 24 hours was a time period of sadness.
Today is Kane’s last day at TMX. He is the one who had the whole company’s backend operation on his shoulders for years, and left marks on all of the major administrative practices. Kane will be missed not only as an intelligent professional, but also an honest and freindly person. While feeling so sad for his departure, I wish him all the best on his future endeavor.  
Eve’s car got hit at a parking lot and the one who did this ran away from the scene. This is very unfair and I feel so sorry for Eve: she deserves everything better than this! Wish her all well and over this undeserved ill turn soon!
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4 Responses to Sad news in 24-hours

  1. Eve says:

    Thanks !

  2. 中原古风 says:


  3. Eve says:


  4. 中原古风 says:


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