The TMX Golf Tournament 2010


I was surprised by myself when I looked at the mirror this morning: a man with a golf cap, shirt, glove, pants, shoes and Sun glasses, ready to shoot on the course.


Yes, that was me to play for the 2010 TMX Golf Tournament at Angus Glen.


It was by and large a very joyous experience to play golf with your coworkers in a very relaxing manner while enjoying watching others playing skillfully, in particular if you are a first-time-r. One challenge, if challenge is the right word, was that golf is a physically demanding sport. And this challenge may become a lot worse for a first time player as he/she may have to try a few extra times to hit the ball right and honestly I fell for it quite a while. My right arm started to be extremely sore after a few strikes and it reminded me the old Chinese saying “老不以筋骨为能”. Frustrating, right?


There were a few pleasant surprises in today’s tournament to make the day more impressive.


First of all the weather was gorgeous. Contrary to yesterday’s disturbing weather forecast of a 10+ mm thunder shower, it was a clear and bright with a fairly mild temperature. A downpour did happen, but it was 5 minutes after we all had finished the 18 holes, and got into the dinning hall. And the rain stopped when we were leaving for home. The timing could not be any better!


There was a simple but tasty meal provided by the company.


And the biggest surprise came after the meal: the prize time. Funny enough my team of 4 won a prize (each a golf shirt) for our honesty: we did not try to hide the fact that we had the worst scores. And then in a random draw, I got a $50 worth of LCBO gift card. Some others received golf club bags, sweaters, cameras, so on and so forth. Majority of us got one prize or the other.


On the way out to the parking lot, I heard many were saying about coming back next year. 


A good day indeed!


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2 Responses to The TMX Golf Tournament 2010

  1. Eve says:

    呵呵,看上去还挺像那么回事~ LOL父亲节快乐!

  2. 中原古风 says:


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