Give myself a break

My sympathies surely would go to my mind for her ordeals in these past few days because she has been running madly amidst three very unrelated matters, each of which was competing for her full-attention.
First and above all, it is this week’s training of "Oracle 11g Performance Tuning". This is an invalid opportunity for me to have a big picture of the new features and capabilities offered in this latest RDBMS release from Oracle, while going through again and streamlining the knowledge learned before. My mind was determined to write at least another two parts, namely Services and SQL Profile, last night but it ended up in vain.
Secondly, I am invited by a friend to attend a small focus-group meeting with a guest speaker, a known pastor and scholar, to talk about his new thinkings and viewpoints on the main aspects of the Chinese history and culture this weekend. My mind was set high to read through his latest book on this theme before the weekend so that I will be able to talk with him in the meeting. But unfortunately, as the first chapter of the book is extremely abstractive and full of obscure jargons so far my mind went over 20 pages only.
And the last,  but not the least, is that my mind was fighting fiercely against my heart attempting to save me from some temptations.
Each single one does not seem a bab thing at all, but having them all toghter can be very stressful and disturbing.
I definitely need a break, to free up my mind.
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