Give myself a break (continue)

There was an ancient saying that "all human’s wisdom is contained in two simple words: wait and hope". How true!
One night of good sleep helped to clear up my mind and I got an action plan based on the priorities.
The Oracle training is certainly an once in a few years opportunity and is directly related to my career development, and naturally needs a higher priority.
Gaining some new knowledge on Chinese culture and history and knowing some outstanding scholar are definitely nice to have. But if it is that hard to understand what is to be talked about, , it then only makes sense for me to learn a lot more from the book before giving out my comments in the meeting. Listening may be instead a wise choice. In other words, it can and has to wait.
It is only natural that one feels sad and even heart breaking when separating from a "home" and friends that one has spent almost 15 years with, in particular if they share some good memories during the years. I was so touched by a friend’s phone call after learning my family and myself had planned to change to a different church. But the reality is that my current job has made my regular attendance a harder and harder task, and a change seems somehow inevitible.  However, I need to handle this with honesty, passion and patience so our friendship not jeopardized. No rush decision should be made in the next few days.
Today, my focus was already on the traing, to get the best out of it.
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