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The Lows

  It is well known that we have highs and lows in our lives, but these past three days were by no means highs in my life.   At work, the PTE cluster was crashed down mysteriously for no known reason and … Continue reading

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  记得大学毕业后刚工作不久,帮同一办公室的一位四川籍老工程师搬家,竟被同是四川籍的师母认做四川老乡,说我讲一口四川话(其实在此之前本人从未入过川).可能是这个缘故,我对四川话以及四川的风物掌故一向很有兴趣.下面的两个笑话就很令我忍俊不禁.感觉四川同胞就是"豪放",连幽默都是如此"大气".   ***麻雀和乌鸦一起摆龙门阵。  麻雀说:你是啥子鸟哦?  乌鸦说:我是凤凰噻!  麻雀:哪有你龟儿子恁各黑的凤凰哦?  乌鸦:你晓得个铲铲,老子是烧锅炉的凤凰噻。 ***奥运会开幕之前,两个四川人到北京旅游,在公车上看地图,甲:“我们先杀到天安门,然后再杀到中南海…” 乙:“要得,我们就按到你说的路线一路杀过切嘛。”不幸被同车群众举报,下车后即被扭送至公安机关,交代了N小时情况后才被放出。甲乙来到了天安门广场,看着人来人往,两人无语……….甲忍不住:“你浪个不开腔(枪)也?”乙:“你都不开腔(枪)我浪个敢开也?” 话音刚落,又被扭送至公安机关。一周后两人走出了看守所大门,你看看我,我看看你,甲说:“勒哈安逸了,包包都着整空老,哪点去搞点子弹嘛?”……门口的武警冲上来将两人按倒在地。 中共中央发出紧急通知:奥运会不允许四川人参加,太恐怖了。这是后话。

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Hit 700K

  Simply for curiosity, I called the agent and found out the same model on a smaller lot on my street hit 700K! But it was started at merely high 300K or low 400K only 6 years ago. If this is not impressive, we’re … Continue reading

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Connecting the dots … and two other stories from Steve Jobs

  Steve Jobs has been a legendary figure in the computer world, and as well in the business societies for decades. His products have changed the computer industry and opened a brand new world for millions of people including myself. When I … Continue reading

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A doctor joke

  I read it and was fond of it right away while waiting for the doctor this morning. =======   A man goes to visit his doctor and hands him a note that reads "I cannot talk, please help me!" The doctor tells the … Continue reading

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Blessing be with you为你祝福

  Glad that I am off the on-call duty now, and my next turn will not come up in some 5 weeks.   I may also be off the first half of next week for a trip to the west. Will see.   Post … Continue reading

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  连日on-call, 睡眠不足,又不能补觉,只能听歌纾困了(效颦于"望梅止渴").孤陋寡闻如我者,第一次听到叶欢的歌,竟然还很喜欢,自己也觉得奇怪.看来睡得实在太少了.      人生如夢 演唱:葉歡作詞:陳耀川 作曲:陳耀川 編曲:Ricky Ho 人生如夢 夢裡過眼繁華似錦繡朝看彩雲暮送晚霞過 又沈醉月色中 人生如夢 夢裡也曾帶著多少愁朝入塵世暮宿雪花中 看月夜正朦朧 多年以後 或許夢裡風水輪流走富貴榮華一身重 卻是孤獨依舊 多年以後 或許夢裡也有桃花落卻不慎將紅鸞動 讓春風來捉弄 人生的夢 總是一分歡喜一分愁尋覓夢裡幻影已無蹤 只留下霧迷濛幻影無蹤 只留下霧迷濛

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