The Lows

It is well known that we have highs and lows in our lives, but these past three days were by no means highs in my life.
At work, the PTE cluster was crashed down mysteriously for no known reason and I had to spend hours and hours trying to recover it (Isn’t "recover" the word I have been mentioning all the time recently? What is going on?).
The worst part came yesterday afternoon from Fei’s medical examination. She had wonderful interviews and was offered the medical check before being accepted by Air Canada as a flying attendant. But she did not meet the minimum medical standards! Looking at the sad expressions on her face while she was stepping out from that office breaks my heart! I know how much she loves to be a flying attendant and how much effort she had devoted into this possibility. Now a beautiful dream shattered at no fault of hers. I only wish it had happened to me instead!
And I’ll have to work tomorrow on site. Hope everything goes smoothly then and I myself will get some emotion relief as well
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4 Responses to The Lows

  1. 木钉 says:

    I can imagine how sad she is by putting myself into her shoes. I\’m not good at comforting people. What I can say is that every coin has two sides and the breaking of a dream may make another one come true. Hope you guys feel better soon.

  2. 中原古风 says:

    木钉. You have just offered me the beautiflly said comforting words, and at this I see the angle-like side of yours. I am touched and grateful.

  3. Eve says:

    I feel very sorry for your daughter. 都说“上帝关上一扇门的同时会为你打开另一扇窗”,希望你女儿振作起来, 也希望你尽快地调整自己的情绪,帮助女儿迅速走出低谷。

  4. 中原古风 says:

    Thanks, Eve! Appreciate your encouraging words! Sure, life goes on, and one way or the other people have to live up to challenges in their lives no matter how bitter the challenges are.

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