A stunning new technology

I attended a 1-hour presentation given by NetApp at TCF today and got totally blown away by what was presented.
"Does this guy really know what he is talking about", I asked myself two seconds after the presenter had finished his shocking open statement that NetApp’s new snapshot technology can recover a database of 10TB in around 10 minutes! 
I still remember clearly the huge anxiety displayed on my former boss’s face when he was showing me around on my first day at TMX. Though not willingly, he had to stop to talk to Nada about how a restore of a 6TB database lasted for more than 3 days! Would my former boss have laughed out loud had he been at this presentation?
Then the guy delivered what he had claimed at the beginning and performed the miracle.
I am looking forward to having a POC set so that I can try this magical technology with my own bare hands! 
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