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First milestone in Fei’s training

very prod of her.

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KO got KOed today

, the first day of the second week of his resignation grace period. That is new!

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Learning another database product

Starting form tomorrow, the team will have a one-week training on Enterprise DB, a new comer to the RDBMS world, as a part of the initiative to replace the expensive Oracle as the back end of some of the web-based applications. Hopefully Enterprise … Continue reading

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Keeping up to the fast paces

In addition to the busy working schedules, I am also driving 100~150KM per day recently. And tonight was no difference. It was almost the end of my shift when I was paged to join a conference call to deal with sudden crashes of all databases on … Continue reading

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人生在世心不要偏 — 马三立

这是马三立先生告别舞台所演唱的莲花落的词. 我是偶然看了他的演唱录像.到了说母亲辛苦的那一节,觉得眼睛发酸,很受感动,就把唱词给找来,贴在这里. ================================================================ 说人生在世 人生在世心不要偏 莫把那报应当做虚言 论理说 借人家一升还人一个满 借人家五两把半斤还 也不用南去烧香北还愿 在家中一双活佛未动弹 在家中孝顺你的父和母 也不必千里烧香奔泰安 父母的恩情够多么重 父母的恩情重如泰山 爹要是死了穿孝二年半 老娘死了穿孝就是三年 为什么娘比这爹爹多穿六个月的孝 只因为娘养儿的那一天 娘养儿如同阎王见一面 娘养儿沙内澄金一个样般 一岁两岁在娘怀抱 三岁四岁不离娘的身边 五六岁上知道玩耍 七八岁上你要是一说他他也懂得嘟囔半天 一直要是长到了二十来岁 自要您给他娶上一个媳妇就算完 小俩口商商量量登完了记 就如同给他的媳妇写上了过继单 从此后老娘说话如同放屁 小媳妇说话崩焦酥脆杠口甜 我说这话您不信 您往体育馆里头周围看一看 唯有怕媳妇之人嘴唇发干 怕媳妇之人嘴唇发干 …… 越舔越干!

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Partition switch finally starts to work

And that makes me the one who can utilize both Oracle and SQL Server table/index partitions.  Honestly speaking, I prefer the Oracle solution to the SQL Server’s, as the former is a lot more flexible and much easier to manage.

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