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Practice measures skills

And I witnessed this once more tonight, after being paged a few times to tackle a critical DR RAC failure due to a RAM defect. No matter how much and how well one learns in classroom or from books, he does not really posses the skill until he has … Continue reading

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Escape and Futility

A few days ago Kev surprised me when he asked me to read through his essay on reading Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Life”. For a moment or two, I feel as if my heart was pierced by something sharp and cold after going through … Continue reading

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A different way to celebrate the day

by attending the Oracle Summit tomorrow. Isn’t it original?

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昨夜打电话向父母问安,顺便聊聊家事.中间父亲提到了一件出乎我意料的事儿,就是前些天我们老家来人,一则探望老人家,更重要地是要重修族谱了.年近九秩的长者,自然是族中众望所在,要先来请教一番了.当然老人家一辈子秉承”人敬我一尺,我敬人一仗”的宗旨,也很乐于从命.所以就在电话上和我商量起来了.麻烦的是,从我这一代起,每个人的名字,都要改过重来.父亲少小离家,得新时代风气之先,给自己的孩子取名时,摈弃了传统的”辈份”.眼下为了能在族谱中占有”一席之地”,我和二弟以及我们孩子们的名字都必须要包含代表我们各自”辈份”的那个字.这下老爷子是大大为难了. 好笑之余,也挺同情老人家的.就帮着出主意. 结果菲,凯文,加文分别得到了新的名字:垂雨,垂风,垂云(我大学不是白上滴,术有专攻!). 事后,向太太汇报此事,太太说”你累不累呀?你觉得儿子们的名字还不够多,还是怎样?”我想想,还真是这么回事. 大多海外出生的第二代,一般都会有一个英文名字和一个中文名字.但我们家凯文和加文却名字称得上是”众多” 中文: 凯文, 加文 英文: Kevin, Jonathan 乳名:利生,加生(爷爷按他们的出生地给取的,一个出生在比利时,另一个在加拿大). 昵称:旦旦,狗狗(妻都不知道该怎样宠自己的儿子们了) 族名:垂风,垂云. 够多了吧. 且慢,从前有一朋友为我家凯文和他家女儿编了一副对子: 薇安芳丹花朵朵 凯文利生金旦旦. 他们家宝贝女儿的英文名,中文名和昵称分别是Viviane,芳丹,朵朵. 这取名字怎一个”复杂”了得!

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I ‘ve got the feeling of being on trial in 2011

R’s comments on the new directions and his plans to separate the two groups are strongly implying an attempt to try my ability and potential out in some new dimensions. While possibly meaning an opportunity for next year, it will definitely stretch me out extensively this whole … Continue reading

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