I ‘ve got the feeling of being on trial in 2011

R’s comments on the new directions and his plans to separate the two groups are strongly implying an attempt to try my ability and potential out in some new dimensions. While possibly meaning an opportunity for next year, it will definitely stretch me out extensively this whole year of 2011 and I could eventually fail. Now I have to decide, in a relatively short time, either to take it on or to give it up. What a dilemma!

The duty, responsibility and the pride of a father and a husband will urge me to stay on, and therefore I think my answer will be “let’s game!”

But I do ask the Lord to give me peace, health, strength and wisdom, so I won’t fail!

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4 Responses to I ‘ve got the feeling of being on trial in 2011

  1. Eve says:


    • 古风 says:

      知我者, EVE也.

      这两天不知为什么总想着辛稼轩<>的末句: “凭谁问, 廉颇老矣, 尚能饭否.” 毕竟”挽雕弓如满月,西北望,射天狼”的时光已如流水般逝去了.

      鞠躬尽瘁, 只求无愧于心而已.


  2. 木钉 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      谢谢,谢谢.惶恐,惶恐.”逼上梁山”和”知难而上”还是很不一样地.但是老板要我去做”higher-level tech tasks”,也只好勉为其难了.否则,恐怕又得修改求职简历了.

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