Escape and Futility

A few days ago Kev surprised me when he asked me to read through his essay on reading Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” and Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Life”. For a moment or two, I feel as if my heart was pierced by something sharp and cold after going through his first paragraph in which he draws out his two observations: people’s escape (mentally and physically) from the reality and futility as the only result from their escapes.

I feel sad for Kev because he is too innocent to expose himself to these dark sides of human beings and too young to understand how painful these people who are trapped in this kind of tragic downfalls.

I am sure that Kev has no idea of whatsoever that his own Dad was there in a similar situation once and at that time period the only thought in his Dad’s mind was to run away from the unbearable meaninglessness as far as he could. It also would be too hard for Kev to understand how difficult and how long time taken for his Dad to pull out from this excape-futility snare.

The truth is that our lives are well likely mixtures of flowers and thistles, combinations of highs and lows, and alternations between brightness and darkness. Sometimes we walk relaxingly on flat and smooth avenues while other times crawl over ragged mountains and valleys.

My take is that we may use escape to hide ourselves from thunders and storms once in a while in some dark days, so that we could resume our life journey quicker and more energetic. Yet never let it trap us up and deprive those magnificence and fulfillment that we may live out with bit more positive attitude and courage.

So let’s be wise to use escape to protect us occasionally, but never allow it to lead us to be futile!

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2 Responses to Escape and Futility

  1. Eve says:

    “let’s be wise to use escape to protect us occasionally, but never allow it to lead us to be futile!”___完全同意。

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