Paradigm, a mystical dimension

It was 13 years ago, a time I made a decision to change my career path to become an information technology professional by taking a 3-month computer training program.

13 years passed.  Many and many things took place over these years. Almost everything I learned in the 3-month training has been forgotten, except one — “working on your paradigm” the first subject covered in that training. And more often than less, an urge of changing the paradigm will pop out when I, willingly or passively, started to think about what to do in the future and for the future during these years.

Then what had made “paradigm” stand out?

I look back again into the past 13 years. I am not sure how successful or how unsuccessful I have been as an IT professional, but my life definitely has changed beyond my original expectations. And most of the changes to my life, a large portion of them I’d call improvements and progresses, only came into being because for once I had an open mind to adapt to the change by taking a new profession in place of the old — a flexible paradigm.

(to be continued).

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2 Responses to Paradigm, a mystical dimension

  1. 木钉 says:

    Paradigm, construct, model… these abstract words always confuse me.

    It is hard to define “successful”. As long as you are happy with the changes you have brought to yourself, you are successful. – This is my understanding.

    • frankxue3251 says:

      Thanks for the invaluable input. I am still in the process of “pondering” and what coming out next is still pending. That is why I left to-be-continued… 😐

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