Paradigm, a mystical dimension (cont.)

Before going any further, I think I owe myself a clarification: success is not the “theme” of this post on paradigm. Let me cut it short down to this: I am trying to get some reasons for myself to go after some possible changes. For many people this whole matter of thinking and struggling may seem clearly redundant and totally unnecessary. But hay, that is me, a person with a bit eccentricity.

Here is how the stream of consciousness flows.

First, of course, the definition. By paradigm I refer to a thought pattern. Or in  other words how people perceive the world and react to the perceived.

Since most of the times human beings act according to their thinking plan — the paradigm, one could naturally expect different outcomes from different paradigms, even for those with the same skill sets, knowledges and in similar situations (although there do exist many situations in which there is only that much can be done, no matter how brilliant the plan is).

A logical conclusion then is that paradigm may help to reveal the power of a person’s talent, or in the opposite may lock up the potential of a person, all depending on having the right paradigm or not.

Another logical conclusion could then be drawn that the stronger and more stable the paradigm is, the more predictable the outcome, good or bad. That is why it is much harder for those well-educated people to adapt to a strange environment because they have a very much fixed paradigm developed over their good and successful years in the past. 

The good news is that a person’s paradigm is workable and can be changed, as long as you are willing to do so!

The bad news is that paradigm change is often very hard and sometimes painful. Courage and faith are highly demanded for a person to undergo a relatively significant change.

Now I ask myself. Do I have the right paradigm to help releasing the talent (if any, known or hidden) I possess so that I could do more? Do I have the reasons to convince myself to take on the possible hardship and pains from a change? To be honest, I know for sure I need courage and faith to motivate me going forward, or I’ll simply stay where I am now, too afraid of any change.

Apostle Paul said: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” (Philippians 4:13). I ask the Lord to lead me and strength me so that I’ll have the strength and wisdom to know what is the right thing to do now and in the future, with a proper paradigm, even that means to endure a painful change.

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