Two technical issues over the weekend (I)

Symptoms: An application failed to connect to a database on the server which hosts databases of different Oracle versions (10gR2 and 11gR2), because of no listener.

Check: DBA can log into the server and then connect to a database. Using the lsnrctl tool, a listener is actually up and running.

Cause: A lower version of the listener is running. This can be verified by:

[oracle@ttplxdb-01 ~]$ pgrep -lf tnslsnr
23042 /app/oracle/product/10gR2/bin/tnslsnr listener -inherit

Workaround: shutdown the currently-runnig listener and start the higher version counterpart. And this then can be confirmed as:

[oracle@ttplxdb-01 ~]$ pgrep -lf tnslsnr
23042 /app/oracle/product/11gR2/bin/tnslsnr listener -inherit

Because the root cause of the issue is that the server reboot script calls the listener in the wrong path (pointing to the lower version), a permanent solution is to modify the reboot scripts to point to the path to the higher version of listener.

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