Sadly, cannot post some of my favorite songs…

I am scheduled to work on the late shift today for some off-hour release for the company. And that gives me the luxury of spending some time to search and post some songs to my blog in the morning. The two favorite songs I was trying to post are from another site so I downloaded them to my computer and then loaded to a more reliable site, hopping the songs can be enjoyed later for a longer time. Sadly I did not know that the site with the songs for downloading is under copy-right protection and of each song my downloaded was only a small portion. Listening to a beautiful song faded completed after a handful words is quite painful, so I moved on trying to fix it. Using the only other option, I then tried copying the song’s URLs directly into my post but that simply resulted in a warning “Forbidden to use!” when I click to open the links afterwards. Now I have to give it up and delete the entire post !

Not a very delightful opening of the day! 🙂

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