A good lady nurse

I had some very pleasant experience at a clinic in Aurora today, all because of a good nurse Pauline.

Having suffered from some skin irritation for some time, I went to see a doctor last evening and was told to have blood test before the final diagnose could be made. An appointment was then made for this morning at the same location to have my blood samples for the test.

Living in Canada for one and a half decades already, I have gone through a number of blood tests, for different reasons. One thing I know for sure is that I was never impressed by the sampling skills of the nurses that I had ever dealt with — till I met Pauline today.

It is hard for me to call the beginning anything special, because a first glance at her was no difference from seeing any other nurse: she was busy preparing the tubes and other stuffs she needs for the sampling. But when she looked at me with a warm smile, all  of sudden I felt as if I was facing an elder sister who cares about what I was in need. And all came out so naturally I had the desire to chat with her, no matter what topic, and even started to joke about my poor experience in the past. She replied to my joke with an understanding expression on her face and then slowly she started to talk about her experience dealing with different patients; her house in Barrie, how she drives to work daily even on heavy snowing days; and her adventure driving from her boy friend’s house to her own house on a night when there was a power outage in his. The way she talked was like some spring water flowing with charming musical notes that relaxed my nerves and soothed my anxiety. Amazingly, I did not feel a thing when she pushed needle into my vein and my blood flew out into the thin tubes.

At the end, I said to her: “Thank you so much Pauline. You’ve made this almost a pleasant experience.” She quested with a smile: “Almost?”. I then explained: “It is in deed pleasant, but still I do not want to have blood test every now and then!”. Then we both laughed.

I could not help telling my wife all my great experience at the clinic as soon as I got home. To my surprise, she told me the same about Pauline for she was at the clinic for her blood test last week and Pauline did a great job for her too. 

We both are very grateful of meeting Pauline, an amazing nurse at the Aurora clinic.

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