Cooling down…

Surprisingly, yesterday’s incident in some sense served as a “stress dispeller” for me as it seems cooling me down from the “overheated” state in the past few weeks. I found peace again in my mind this morning, after a heavy meal at Lone Star and a good sleep at home last night. For that I thank my Lord for the resilience He has given to me.

Having said all the positive outcome, I have no intension to hide the fact the incident was indeed the kind of error I would do everything possible to avoid. And it was a set-back on my way of pursuing “perfection”.

But hey, I am just one of many IT professionals. It is “understanable” that I make some “human errors”, like many other IT colleagues could do, even if in my case it was a bit more “significant”. What happened already happened! Yet I’d refuse to let it push me down for long while accepting the fact I could have done better.

As it is said: “Misfortune may be a hidden blessing”. So goes on life!

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