A graceful weekend

The passing weekend was graceful because it is marked with the love and grace from the Lord for he died on the cross to fulfill the salvation from the Father God.

And His grace is also amazingly reflected in our lives in the past few days.

Kevin and his teen friends had fasting for 30 hours while sharing their young belief at our church, started from Friday night. It was such a grateful comfort to perceive right away the pure joys and friendship glowing from them when I went to pick them up.

The rest of my family, together with Jason’s,  were invited to Richard’s beautiful new house Friday afternoon and we had some thankful moments there, to enjoy what the Lord has supplied us 3 families: the love at our homes, the progresses we and our kids had achieved at work or study, the improvements in our material lives. I certainly felt that we’re all richly blessed when the gathering was closed by a pleasant piano melody skillfully played by Rich’s son Jeffery!    

Today then was highlighted by the baptism of our friend Yong and his wife at another church. Their testimonies shared before their baptism demonstrated appealingly and infectiously how our Lord’s love and grace had changed their lives from grief to tender, their family from constantly testified to relaxing and their relationship from bitter for sweat and caring, even when they had to undergo through some desperate situations.  

Lord, I praise you for all you have done for us!

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