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The powerful dbca

Since the release 10g of Oracle RDBMS onward, dbca has been included in the installation binaries as a native tool for DBAs to create and maintain database (RAC or not), service, asm and other database features. Evolved  smoothly over the time, it is today considered by many professionals a … Continue reading

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严按: 忆旧游 复活节期间,携友人并公派近日将归国的上海朋友,同游安大略湖之Humber Bay,填词为记 又春潮初涨,春草茵茵,春意悠悠。 鸥雁已归回,看优游湖畔,自在沙洲。 满目诗画意境,故国已难求。 对阔野平芜,韶光灿烂,不忍回眸。 休休,多少事,任过眼滔滔,欲说还收。 信步湖边路,但涛声灌耳,云渡西楼。 试借一泓碧水,暂且洗清愁。 聚散在今朝,长歌一曲谢同俦。 外一首 少年游·忆旧 书生最是意气遒,谈笑傲王侯。 狼牙山头,易水河畔,曾记少年游。 燕赵旧事已模糊,岁月逐水流。 半生蹉跎,异乡为寄,惭愧梦中州。 古风拜读,感同身受, 遂赞曰:身在异乡为异客,情慧言外秀言中.

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A hectic morning

It was merely 32 minutes before my oncall shift practically done when I got paged to look into a critical alert from the primary node of a RAC. It was hard to depict how my feeling was, but there was not too much time … Continue reading

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