Lake Wilcox impressions, a redo

It was the time when my blog was on the Microsoft Live platform. One summer eveninmg when the Sun was about to set, I walked to this small and exquisite Lake Wilcox to take a few shoots. The photos were then posted on my blog under the name “Lake Wilcox Impressions”. Unfrotunately, a computer virus attack later crashed my laptop and my email and got all my photos lost together wiht my blog. I have been saddened ever since.

While knowing that the lost photos, the affections and the time devoted on them could never be made up, I went back a few days ago to take some photos of the lake again,  as a kind of compensation for those vanished.   

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2 Responses to Lake Wilcox impressions, a redo

  1. Eve says:

    好美! 我相信这次拍的照片肯定比上次的好~

  2. frankxue3251 says:


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