“Bypassing” the firewall using iPhone (iPhone 翻墙)

It is a norm today that many companies, schools, and some countries as well, use Internet firewalls to block or filter some “inappropriate” web sites so that the users of their networks will not be able to access these web sites. In the same way, as a natural reaction, bypassing these firewalls is commonly found everywhere, East or West. Recently I myself did something similar.

It was this past Tuesday when I was at work “googling” on how to link the PID of an Oracle process on a Linux server to an Oracle session SID inside an Oracle instance. A short description from a web page seemed talking about precisely what I was looking for. In no time I clicked on the hyperlink in the description, but instead of seeing the article itself I ended up disappointingly with the infamous message of “Content blocked by your organization”. I knew there were reasons to block those general email services such as hotmail and gmail because of security concerns, but, please, this is merely a DBA forum.

Not wanting to give it up easily, I started to think about if any possible way to get the content of this article out to read. That was the time I saw my iPhone sitting quietly on my table. And immediately I knew what I could do.

Grasped my iPhone I did the same search using the iPhone  browser Safari to locate the same page as I had found from my laptop. Then I opened it (no firewall hassles at all on my iPhone!), copied the content of the article, pasted it to my hotmail before clicking to send it to my company email. Bingo, the good discussion and an smartly written script was there in the inbox of my work email!

Good go, iPhone!

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2 Responses to “Bypassing” the firewall using iPhone (iPhone 翻墙)

  1. Eve says:

    smart as you, nobody can block you.

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