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5. Columbia Icefield  — A “cold” face of the Rockies and a place to perceive the human impact in a negative way (climate warming up). The concrete block engraved “1992” marked the boundary of the glacier in 1992 but now it has … Continue reading

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4. Lake Louise: the color of its water is amazing.  The spring water cool and claen.

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3. Banff — A Tiny and Beautiful Town The Bow Falls Both are from moutain snow melting, but show a supprising contrast: the clear meets the muddy  Banff Castle The Hot Spring

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1.多伦多到卡尔加里–Executive class 2.卡尔加里 – 车,旅馆,城市 Free upgrade to a full size Ford Fusion, quite spacious for our touring around A 3-star hotel Calgary Downtwon and Chinatown

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前些天听报道说有达·芬奇公司将本土小厂产的家具运到外国转一圈,就回国成为天价进口家具,不禁啧啧称奇.敬仰之余,名之”达·芬奇”氧(洋)化升值法. 今天在网上发现,”达·芬奇”法居然已经应用到名人的名字上了,真让我既五体投地,又望之弥高了. 汉语名                英文名                 达·芬奇之后 孔子                    Confucius            康修斯 (听着像希腊人.按年龄算,应是苏格拉底的太师祖) 孟子                    Mencius              孟修斯 (听着也像希腊人.按年龄算,应是苏格拉底的师祖) 蒋介石                Chiang Kai Shek 常凯申 (“达·芬奇”不太成功之案例.蒋委员长枭雄一世,居然被”姓”常,悲哉哀兮!)

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