The old trick still holds…

Assume a and b are both non-zero real numbers and a = b.

From the even variance formula, one has:  
(a + b) (a – b) = a2 – b2                                  (1) 

Since a = b, (1) can be re-written as following according to the distributive law of multiplication:
2a ( a – b) = a (a – b)                                    (2)

Dividing both sides of (2) by ( a – b), one then gets
2a = a                                                             (3)

Now an amazingly conclusion is drawn
2 = 1                                                              (4)

Doesn’t it resemble much the lovely and amusing real world today? It surely does!

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2 Responses to The old trick still holds…

  1. 木钉 says:

    If you do things against the rule, then the answer is “yes” without any doubt.
    Here the rule is that you cannot divide any number by “0”.
    Please don’t tell me that my math is terrible. 🙂

    • frankxue3251 says:

      You’re definitely right. The seeming conclusion was drawn from a mistake of dividing numbers by a zero.

      This post is a reflection of many prevailing “doctrines” in today’s societies. Some arrogant elites dump to the naïve public their paradoxical opinions based on some valid facts together with one or more hiiden phony arguments.

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