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渭城朝雨浥轻尘,客舍青青柳色新。    劝君更尽一杯酒,西出阳关无故人。

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The Smart Car

What we will be forced to drive quite soon. But look at all of the ‘great new choices’ we will have evolving from ‘The SMART Car’…. The Smorvette! The Smaudi A3 AWD! The Smamborghini! The Smorsche! The Smerrari!

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Just for fun

a):  The moment of 11’s: 2011-11-11 11:11:11am b): iPaid — from Nitin                 Mother gets her iPad                 Son owns an iPhone                 Daughter has an iPod                Father ends up with the iPaid… c): Syl’s chopsticks Syl, a Francophone coworker, went to lunch … Continue reading

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Jonathan joined other 43 to open the market today

TMX sponsored the “Take Our Kids to Work Day” today.

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