Automation is the way…

After taking over MX, the new TMX has had its Ontario-based IT team more and more involved in supporting the operations in Montreal. And one of the few latest tasks is to  carry out the year-end data archive of the PS databases.

The existing archiving process is tedious and as well confusing. Any DBA assigned for this task will need to refresh himself for the process every year before starting to work on it. To make it even worse, this archiving job takes place on different days from year to year so the implementing person will have to communicate a few rounds with the users in Montreal to figure out the exact date.

Another DBA did this task manually last year, but this year it is my turn.

The first reaction of mine upon being requested to perform the task was that we need to get this archiving process simplified and streamlined so that the users can do the job by themselves, with no more DBA’s involvement.

And that is done today and tested successfully.

From this moment onward, any authorized user can get the whole job done automatically and efficiently by simply clicking on a batch file I have devised and provided to them at MX. Supporting burdens have been removed from the DBAs’ shoulders once for good!

Big smile seen from the face of that manager involved in this.

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4 Responses to Automation is the way…

  1. Hello, I enjoy your blog. Is there something I can do to receive updates like a subscription or something? I am sorry I am not acquainted with RSS?

    • frankxue3251 says:

      Thanks, Josef. It is always a pleasure for me to know people out there like my blog.
      I played around with some settings and hopefully it will send you an email alert each time when a new post is added to my blog.

  2. This blog is wonderful. There is generally all the correct information at the suggestions of my fingers. Thanks and keep up the very good work!

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