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Climate, climate!

Just cannot belive that our weather changes like a yo-yo these days. We are having some 10 mm of rain and a max temperature of 7°C above zero today, a day in the late January which is supposed to be extremely cold and snowing instead!  That … Continue reading

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We actually did better

For the second time, Kev, Jon and I cooked together food we all like. Toasted chicken breast is not shown in the picture, unfortunately, though.

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壬辰年新春快乐! Happy Chinese New Year of the Dragon.

愿美好的愿望如春天的蓓蕾,绽放出绚丽的花朵! All human wisdom is contained in these two words: Wait and Hope.

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Keep the log file size under the limit

A fellow DBA fixed an Oracle Grid Control’s Apache Server problem which had been causing a quick fill-up of the Oracle home directory on a Linux server.  The culprit identified is the size of the following log file grew over the 2GB limit: /app/oracle/product/gc/oms10g/Apache/Apache/logs/access_log Once the … Continue reading

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太太今天回国,和孩子的姥姥姥爷一起过新年.多少年来,才有这样一个机会,希望太太春节轻松愉快,重温一下那久违的被父母宠爱的温馨. 女儿今天飞往南美度假,也要在春节之后才回家.南半球现在正是夏季,她开心地带上了自己的裙子和夏装.希望漂亮的女儿有一个”温暖”快乐的新年! 而我只能和两个半大小伙子的儿子们,加上Derek和博文两个孩子一起”欢渡”今年的春节啦.有鉴于自己的”厨艺”是俩脚猫(比三脚猫还略逊一至数筹), 这次的年夜饭了肯定要在外面吃了!

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近些日子来,因为眼睛疲劳,常常到一个中医师处接受针灸治疗. 但今天在中医师的楼下等待针灸时,经历的离奇和荒诞,实在是超乎想象! 当那个浓妆艳抹的年轻女人,误将手里拿着手机,刚从车子中出来的我当成她们的”客人”,凑过来告诉我她们已经准备好,要我快些进去时,我只觉得脑子一片空白,不知如何措词.只感觉口中似乎嗫嚅着什么.于是那女人又重复了一遍.当我终于听明白她在说什么,虽然是阳光明媚的中午,也不禁毛骨耸然,只能落荒而逃. 几分钟后, 心神渐渐安静下来. 紧接着,一股莫名的悲哀,却压抑不住地从心头涌入眼中! 为她?为自己,还是为我的同胞?似乎都有一点,但似乎又都不是. 但那悲哀又渐渐地浓郁起来. 于是,不想再作针灸.等我回过神来,已经回到公司了.

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