Climate, climate!

Just cannot belive that our weather changes like a yo-yo these days. We are having some 10 mm of rain and a max temperature of 7°C above zero today, a day in the late January which is supposed to be extremely cold and snowing instead!  That is surely the first time ever since I came to Canada.

And to make it even a bit more “scary”, a snow fall will come up immediately today overnight.   

Are we really undergoing through a serious climate warming-up? Is there a chance that Toronto becomes a sub-tropical city? Ordinary people like myself may not understand the big picture at all, but I wonder if those scientists in climate modelling and simulating would be able to reveal the driving force and the trends of the climate changes of this magnititude either.

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4 Responses to Climate, climate!

  1. Eve says:

    “Ordinary people like myself”—-?? I doubt ! hehe…… *_^

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