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Email hacked, second one!

My first hotmail account was hacked a few years ago. Now it is my second email account with hotmail/ being stolen. Email is no longer mine! Microsoft, please do something to protect your email users!

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中国好声音…Two thumbs up!!!

 中国好声音 (The Voice of China) is an excellent new show of gifted amateur singers and highly qualified and respected judges (coaches).  It is like a breath of fresh air amongst today’s exaggerating and superficial entertaining shows — standing out by the singers’ beautiful voices, … Continue reading

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今天凌晨三点出发,下午六点半返抵家门.十五个半小时独自驱车1120公里. 谢谢我的老捷达!七月流火的季节,回程一路开着空调,50升油居然仍跑了整整1000公里才亮了油量警告灯!真可谓宝刀不老,雄风长存! 只是”廉颇老已”.这种千里单骑的”壮举”,肯定成了自己今生的”绝唱”.呵呵!

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