Longing for longer sleep

I have returned to work for three full weeks.

Thanks to TMX’s kind offer of a “gradual return to work” program — working 4 hours a day the first week, 6 hours the second and full-time from the third week onward. It helped me to go through a relatively smooth and relaxing transit, even though I am still not back to my best yet.

However, my biggest challenge at the present time is not the workload nor my lack of physical strength, but too short sleep time most of the nights. This issue had been there in the past few months, but unfortunately it is getting worse now as I can no longer have a make-up sleep during the day as I used to have when I was on sickness leave.

Even more disappointingly is that I have to stop most of the exercises I tried and enjoyed. And those exercised were proved very helpful to my sleep. First was jogging (because it hurts my knees and my back), and then power walking (which caused the worst waist pain so far this year). Some stretch moves were also given up as they incurred joint-pain instead of relaxing my muscles.

Today I went to try another exercise that I heard from a respected friend and had practiced a few weeks before my illness, and only found I am not ready for it yet.

Now swimming seems the only side-effect free sport I can do, but it is not as helpful as it used to be for my sleep.

But I definitely will not give it up easily. On the contrary, I am still looking for different ways to try out, for my family needs me and I cannot let my beloved ones down.

I wish my “good sleep” come soon!

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