My Days at TMX Numbered

Finally HR, my manager and I myself are on the same page that TMX will lay me off, based on my physical conditions. Although some necessary formalities need to be fulfilled, early or mid October will be the time of my leaving.

For now I think that is the best I can get from my 6 years of services at TMX as an IT Professional. I can take some more rest at home to prepare for the next move in my career.

My focus will be switched to my health in the following few months and I pray the Lord to help me to get it done sooner than later.

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2 Responses to My Days at TMX Numbered

  1. Anonymous says:

    不容易啊!连自家门也进不去,好不容易才翻墙爬上来。祝贺啊,终于可以歇歇了,我也准备退了,估计11月能下来,真的太累啦。 ——Eve

  2. frankxue3251 says:


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