Protect the Mother Earth, for the Sake of Our Children.

It has been becoming a common sense nowadays that planners give environment protection the highest priority in their construction projects. And I witnessed one myself today evening.

The City of Richmond Hill is creating a park along the east lakeside of Lake Wilcox. Along with the construction’s progress, the lake becomes more and more charming and many people from nearby to afar are attacked to come and enjoy it.

I went there again this evening. Among many of the brilliantly artistic works decorating the park, one line of words sculpted on a piece of stone caught my eyes and touched my heart:

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, but we borrow it from our children!”

How well it is said! And how rightfully it is made visible to the visitors!

Yes, simply for the sake of our children, we’d better be aware and take action to protect our Mother Nature, instead of greedily exploiting her like something we take for granted to comsume. And only then our children may stand a chance of living on an inhabitable Earth other than a deserted land in the future.

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