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The Shopping Frenzy is Finally over

The Canadian copy of US’s Black Friday sales seemed going really hot. My wife and I were busy with shopping both online and in stores most of the time this weekend. Really worn out! Advertisements

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Patience Pays Off — Life Experiences

Case1: An Oracle RDBMS system job failure had occurred on a RAC node a few times in a month by late September so a services request (SR) was opened with Oracle Support for assistance. The troubleshooting plan from Oracle Support … Continue reading

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Martin Hurkens — New King of the Tenors

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A Short Visit to J and D’s House

Yesterday was our first visit to J and D since we met at their then-under-construction house three years ago. Their house is now completely done and elegantly furnished. It overlooks a beautiful lake with gorges lake views. My wife and … Continue reading

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两点钟醒来后,睡意全无。 知趣地到另外一个房间来看书–不是读书–因为实在是心不在焉。毕竟最近一段时间以来,睡眠略有起色。今夜又是近乎失眠,有点儿不太开心。呵呵。 屋内一片安静,连暖气似乎也在休息,毫无动静。 住在这相对远离商业闹市的居民区,又是夜深之时,真是万籁俱寂。 但这无声无息带给我却不全是平静松弛。所以就来打几个字,“以消永夜”。 这静谧的夜,你还能让我今夜重还梦乡,给我一个虽短暂却安然的睡眠吗?

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1. 命里有时终须有, 命里无时莫强求 2. 遇到你是命运, 爱上你是幸运 3. 得之我幸,失之我命 4. 来是偶然,去是必然 5. 活得糊涂,容易幸福;活得清醒,常常辛苦

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