So Sad, “My Lady” Let Go!

It comes as an entire surprise that the company let go Nada, whom I used to call “my lady” and she liked I call her that way. For the past couple of months I had been honestly thinking I would be the one to leave first.

I will remember all the laughs and the friendly chats we had each time we met at the same location, MCC or TCF. And her warm hugs. And her generosity in knowledge sharing.

Not too many co-workers I missed that much after leaving a company, but Nada is definitely one of those I’ll miss for a long time.

Farewell, Nada “my lady”. All the best!

P.S. I called Nada at home last night, and felt a good relief hearing her laughing again over the phone. She got an excellent package from the company which would allow her to take a while of rest before going for another job. Best luck, “my lady”!


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2 Responses to So Sad, “My Lady” Let Go!

  1. 木钉 says:

    Is the company going downhill or something wrong with the administration?
    Things happen. Take care!

  2. frankxue3251 says:

    Thanks, Muding. It was the latter .

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