A Short Visit to J and D’s House

Yesterday was our first visit to J and D since we met at their then-under-construction house three years ago.

Their house is now completely done and elegantly furnished. It overlooks a beautiful lake with gorges lake views. My wife and I love it.

We chatted on different things but their focus seemed more on a possible early-retirement for me and an option we then move into their neighborhood, a small and quiet town named Lakefield. We even had a guided (of course by both J and D) tour in the town and saw some properties for sale.

By and large, I have no objection to this option of moving. Almost certainly a financial freedom will be granted to us and an early retirement becomes practically possible for both of us, if I sell our houses in the York Region and move over to Lakefield. Not to mention I can get much relaxed in the clean and fresh air in that small town.

However, my wife is very reluctant to live in a town like Lakefield which is a bit too far away from the GTA, worrying if our kids would be able to come and visit us as often in the future.

Anyhow, it is still too early to make a decision as we will have to wait till Jonathan our younger son gets into a University next summer.

But by all means, we had a good time with J and D. And the trip home was very smooth as well. A great day.

We’ve promised J and D to see them more often.

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6 Responses to A Short Visit to J and D’s House

  1. 木钉 says:

    Buying a property is always a big decision for ordinary people like you and me. We have to put many things into consideration, such as affordability, safety, environment, and convenience, and then make a practical choice.

  2. frankxue3251 says:

    Thanks for your wise reminders, Muding. As you have well put, buying a property is one of the biggest choices in our lives. And therefore, no action will be taken till my wife and I are both on the same page, and a decision is made solely based on sound calculations and comparisons.

  3. 木钉 says:

    I was wondering why I was not allowed to post my comment on “Martin Hurkens – New King of Tenors”, then I realized it has been removed. Thank you for sharing it for a short period of time. 🙂
    Let me put my comment on that under this blog entry then:
    “You Raise Me up” is a beautiful sone, and Martin has sung it very well. I like the whole song, but the part I like the best is the intro. 🙂
    I believe that you will also appreciate his stunning performance of Nessun Dorma (今夜无人入眠) at Holland’s Got Talent 2010.

  4. frankxue3251 says:

    Nessun Dorma was actually the main reason I posted it!. I was totally blown away hearing him singing the last few notes the first time. Wow!
    I removed that post merely because I had had a post already for the same day. I’ll save it for tomorrow… 🙂

  5. frankxue3251 says:


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