Patience Pays Off — Life Experiences


An Oracle RDBMS system job failure had occurred on a RAC node a few times in a month by late September so a services request (SR) was opened with Oracle Support for assistance. The troubleshooting plan from Oracle Support is to turn on a particular trace to capture the root cause of the issue when it happens again. And that was exactly what I did in the beginning of October. Strangely enough, however, the job was running like a charm in the whole following month. My teammates and manager then suggested me to give it up, thougt it could be safely ignored. I myself on the other hand insisted on checking it for a longer time. It was not until November 19th that did the same failure appear again! And I successfully located the trace, forwarded it to Oracle Support and got a workaround for the issue.

Case 2.

Canada’s popular electronic store the Future Shop carries a good name-brand powerline adpter at a very low price online. But for weeks its stock status had been “sold out”. Knowing that prices for the same product from other stores were not even close, I decide to wait and keep checking Futureshop’s web site daily, to try my luck:). A couple of weeks later on the morning of Nevember 19th (Nov. 19th again, what a lucky day for me), the adapter suddenly became available. Three paires were ordered immediately, without any hesitating! Once delivered, the wired part of my home network will be upgraded from the current 200mbps to 500 mbps — able to match the Internet access-speed growth in the few years to come. All the advance is accomplished at a cost even lower than before, isn’t this great?

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2 Responses to Patience Pays Off — Life Experiences

  1. 木钉 says:

    Case 1: You deserve a salary increase or promotion.
    Case 2: You deserve less house chores but good meals for at least a few years.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The picture you painted is too beautiful. The reality is:
    Case1: the company has just hired a new CEO, and people are speculating a possible new round of cost-cut;
    Case 2: my boss at home is much better known for her virtues than her food.
    However, thanks for your encouraging words. They do help 🙂

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