One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

This idiom is often quoted by the garage sales people in Canada (maybe other countries too, but I am not sure). However, yesterday I did live it out with joys.

My wife’s niece went back to China for good a little more than half a year ago, left behind a 11.3″ screen laptop which she said was “broken”. But I was not aware of its existence till yesterday.

In the mean time, I had been looking around a while for a small-sized computer to hook to our TV so that my wife and I could access some Chinese web sites similar to Youtube, to watch Chinese, Korean, and Thai TV series from a much bigger screen, the TV. Of course, we could also use  this combination of a small computer and a larger screen to do other things such as word processing, online shopping, etc. That plan shrilled me but was hindered by lacking an “appropriate” computer.

Fortunately, my plan came into being yesterday, using this “broken” laptop.

By chance, my daughter told me about this “broken” laptop yesterday. The first thing came into my mind was that I might be able to fix it for my use. So I started immediately to find the laptop to work on it

Luckily, the laptop was able to be booted up. But several hardware and software problems made it not usable: its keypad was not fully functioning; the operating system was messed up with various weird programs she installed; the wired and wireless network cards were not configurable for network connections; the browsers were interfering with each other, etc. A fix, however in my my guess, would be to rescue the OS from the messy programs she installed.

It took me a couple of hours to uninstall all these strange programs and then clean off them from the file directories and as well the registry. The laptop was rebooted once all the clean-ups done, and a network connection was able to be established after the reboot. I was pleased then to see the latest Windows updates automatically downloaded and applied to the laptop. The tiny machine came alive again!

Then I fetched a pair of used wireless keyboard and mouse from my house to replace the laptop’s damaged keypad; a HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the TV, and a powerline adapter to connect to the Internet.

Finally, I changed the “Personalize” and the “Power Management” settings on the laptop to make TV the only display device, and make sure “nothing will occur when the laptop lid is closed”.

Voila! I now can sit back comfortably on the couch, using the keyboard and mouse on the coffee table to select and watch many more interesting programs on the TV, joyfully!

One’s trash can indeed be another’s treasure!

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6 Responses to One’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

  1. 木钉 says:

    Good job! Enjoy your “new” laptop.
    Women can keep the house clean and tidy, but can turn the computer system into a big mess. 😀
    Oh, I try to keep both organized.

  2. frankxue3251 says:

    I do know a few ladies like you who can well keep both organized. Smart!

  3. 木钉 says:

    I know you are a PC doctor. Next time if my computer gets sick, I will consult you for diagnosis and treatment.

  4. frankxue3251 says:

    I promise you a free end-to-end solution. If it is still not working, ship you a new one… hahaha 🙂

  5. frankxue3251 says:

    We share the common ground of expecting things to be good and cheap at the same time, don’t we? 🙂
    I have to admit that you’re one intelligent lady to come up with this cute and smart phone number “1-800-FrankPC”. I like it very much and wish I had a business to own it!
    BTW, its numerical translation 372-6572 is also memory-friendly.

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