Low Temperature Cuts off House Water

It is hard to believe that the continuously extreme weather has frozen the water pipe deeply buried under the ground and blocked the water to my house. Now the contractors called in by the town are fixing it, as shown in the following photos:

1. Two huge holes digged in which a steamer is used to melt the frozen water pipe towards the other hole.


2. Each hole is deeper than an average man’s height.


3. One of the steamers used to melt the ice inside the buried water pipes.



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8 Responses to Low Temperature Cuts off House Water

  1. 木钉 says:

    Seems like a big project. Has the problem been solved? Will the problem come back when temperature goes very low again?

    • frankxue3251 says:

      Thanks for asking. It is a bigger mess now. According to the contractors’ manager, another hole needs to be digged tomorrow. I am crossing my figures now for water to come back by then. A lesson learned is to keep the water running inside the house when extreme coldness lasts outside.

  2. 木钉 says:

    There’s always a problem in our life, and life is a process of problem solving.
    Hope my words make you feel less frustrated.

  3. frankxue3251 says:

    Now you sound like a (Wo)man of Widom with rich life experiences. :D. Thanks for trying to comfort me! I surprised myself by the facts I stayed calm even at the moment the manager was telling me a delay again. My only wish now is that they get the work done today.

    • 木钉 says:

      “A woman of wisdom with rich life experiences” – Sounds like I’m really old. 🙂
      I thought that you must be really frustrated because I would be like that if I were in your shoes. But actually you were not. Instead, You were very calm and composed. Is it because you are a man of wisdom with rich life experiences? 😀

      • frankxue3251 says:

        Appreciation was the first word came into my mind when I was reading your last comment. Then an attempt to play it down was made by my replying to your comment in a “funny” way, hoping you not to worry to much. Clearly it did not work the way I wanted. 🙂 Anyway, it is my belief that one’s wisdom and life experiences are not directly proportional to one’s age. I am a good bad-example — old but not wise. 🙂
        By the way, the bad news did not knock me down because I had gone through some much worse situation before — last winter’s bizarre iced rain which took our power away for an even longer time.

      • 木钉 says:

        Don’t worry, I was joking.

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