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Working on the Aftermath

Out of employment this time seems different from the past. Some formalities need to be knitted up before the TMX chapter can be completely closed. Patience of mine will be put on trial, inevitably. A good thing this time is … Continue reading

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No Longer with TMX

Effective today, my employment with TMX comes to an end, finally. Even though this does not come as a surprise, it still somehow saddens me. After all, six and a half of years of my life has been spent there. … Continue reading

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今天有几个年轻女同事从公司总部办公室到我们这边儿办事。和我们这儿原来的几个俄罗斯美女同事一见面,就亲热的不得了。办公室顿时充溢笑声一片。 坐我边上的男同事,是国人JL。冷不叮地冒出了一句,据说是引自钱钟书《围城》: “鸡鸭多的地方粪多,女人多的地方笑多”。 听后绝倒,这是哪儿跟哪儿呀。

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The Spring is Emerging from the Freezing Winter

What a relief! Finally, the minus double-digit temperature seems fading out… Daily temperatures of the last week of February. Daily temperatures of the second week of March.

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Live One Day Without the Internet

The extraordinarily high Internet usage (30GB/day vs <10GB/day) on the first day of every month finally reached the limit of my patience so I came up with a plan to power off the Internet modem yesterday, March 1, for a whole … Continue reading

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