My Biggest Ever DIY Car Project

DIY to fix the passenger side window of my old Jetta was the focus of mine in the past day and a half. At the end it came out as a triumph. Yeah!

It all started from late last year when the front passenger side window of my old Jetta suddenly could no longer be opened, along with some other issues. The car was then brought to a dealership from which it was purchased to have a thorough checkup and a price quote to fix the issues.

And the quote was quite steep! For the window alone it was more than $700 before tax! After some struggling in my mind, I turned to an independent mechanic to have another issue fixed first and left the window aside.

A few days ago my neighbor, a Brit, encouraged me to fix the problem by DIY when I was watching him working on his Jetta and mentioned the problem of that window of my car. Once had his car fixed, he helped me to identify my Jetta’s window issue was the window’s motor broken. According to him, has some videos demonstrating how a motor can be replaced. And a used motor can be bought from a scrap yard at a price of $50 only, comparing with a brand new of $450, both before tax.

And that was all I did these past day and a half. The window now opens smoothly as new, at a total cost of $56.5 (tax included) only. More importantly, it makes my wife a very happy lady!

Lessons learned:

Pay close attention to the part number. Had I notice the minor difference between my original motor’s part number and the one of the store sold to me, the window would have been fixed yesterday already, saving me a half day of time and an extra trip of 50 KM.

Secondly, doing good home work may increase significantly the chance of a successful DIY project which in turn can yield a big savings!


Door panel removed (above) and the motor (below).


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2 Responses to My Biggest Ever DIY Car Project

  1. 木钉 says:

    Yay! You’re such a handyman, and your wife must be really proud of you!
    A couple of months ago, we worked together and replaced the radiator of our old Toyota. Yes, at the end, we had a feeling of achievement!

  2. frankxue3251 says:

    Yes, I found that too — DIY gives the feeling of achievements — not only in terms of money-saving, more importantly also a good exercise physically and mentally.
    Congrats on your good work replacing the radiator of your Toyota. It must be a bigger task than replacing a window motor. You and your “chef” ( now your “mechanic” ) are bigger handy(wo)man. 🙂

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