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So Much Going on

So many things are going on recently, every now and then overwhelming. The advice from a doctor is to slow down and to take as much rest as possible. The goal is to build back the energy level so that … Continue reading

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A Bigger DIY Car Project

This time both of the side rear-view mirrors are replaced for my Jetta, via DIY. A VW dealership quoted me $450 plus tax per mirror, with an extra few hundred dollars of labor cost. By DIY, the total sum from my … Continue reading

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Removal of a Maliciously-set Chrome Homepage

Isn’t disgraceful that a web site tyrannically changes a user’s browser homepage without the user’s consent? That is exactly what did to my Google Chrome. What were they thinking? Anyway, it is really hard to change the homepage back to what a … Continue reading

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又是母亲节了!是做子女的感谢,纪念母亲的爱和恩典,祝福母亲健康长寿的好日子。 我要特别祝愿三位母亲节日快乐。 我的妈妈。她给了我生命,辛勤养育了我。我一生起伏跌宕,一事无成,又在千山万水之外,如今已是白发苍然,但在妈妈的心里,我仍是她挂念在心的孩子。我祝老人家健康,长寿,平安,快乐,无忧! 我的岳母。她对我太太的爱和牵挂,总是让我感动不已。她将自己千辛万苦养育成人的掌上明珠嫁给了我,实在是我的荣幸。我祝愿老人家身体康健,寿比南山,喜乐平安! 我的太太。她是我们三个孩子的母亲。在过去的近三十年中,她对孩子们的爱和付出,我至今历历在目,不敢有忘。我祝愿太太快乐,健康!轻松快乐,享受自己的日子早些到来。 今天是你们的节日。我衷心祝愿我生命中最重要的三位母亲节日快乐! 也祝愿天下的母亲们母亲节快乐!

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I had a Dream….

Yes, I know! This subject line is stolen from the universally renown speech of Martin Luther King, Jr’s. But I did have a dream last night, or rather this morning as I had once again a sleepless night. Interestingly, somewhat … Continue reading

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Tried 5D Mark III, But Did not Work Out.

Too advanced and sophistic to shoot even a bearly OK picture. How embarassing!

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