Tried 5D Mark III, But Did not Work Out.

Too advanced and sophistic to shoot even a bearly OK picture.

How embarassing!

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6 Responses to Tried 5D Mark III, But Did not Work Out.

  1. 木钉 says:

    Wow, 5D Mark III. Nice!
    I had the same experience when I shot my first pictures with my DSLR. I even doubted about the quality of the camera.
    But I learned from a photography book that “as matter of fact, your photos will get worse when you venture away from your DSLR’s Auto mode…… It takes time to learn how to use your DSLR fully and develop as a photographer. Don’t give up. Your photos will get better with practice!” 🙂

  2. 木钉 says:

    Although it’s an old model and have some limits, it still delivers a good performance.
    A simple DSLR with less overwhelming features might be a good choice for us photography beginners. After we know how to use our simple DSLR fully, we then move on to a high-end one. At that time, it would be much easier for us to appreciate those advanced features and shoot even better photos.
    Happy photographing!

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