I had a Dream….

Yes, I know! This subject line is stolen from the universally renown speech of Martin Luther King, Jr’s.

But I did have a dream last night, or rather this morning as I had once again a sleepless night.

Interestingly, somewhat like his dream, mine was also about “longing for love”. The only but overall difference between his and mine is the scope of the two loves.

King, as a civil rights activist, urged people to love each other across all different ethnic groups in the USA, and on the earth. He therefore moved the whole world.

On the other side, in my short dream, I showed my affections to one and only person from the past and got myself shocked after waking up.

But a dream is a dream, no matter how great or how tiny it is. Life goes on, doesn’t it?

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3 Responses to I had a Dream….

  1. 木钉 says:

    “If you cannot sleep, you cannot dream.” – A commercial line, I like it.
    So, no matter what dream you had, it means you finally fell asleep!
    Don’t worry, the person who slept next to you will not know what happened in your dream unless you confess your “crime”. 😀

    • frankxue3251 says:

      My dream is not really a big deal for the person who sleeps besides me for she knows all my “records” way back to the old days ( one of the main reasons I cannot leave her 😀 ).
      I wrote my dream down because it had me surprised.
      After all, it once again proves I am a sinner, as is said in the Scripts.

      • frankxue3251 says:


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