A Bigger DIY Car Project

This time both of the side rear-view mirrors are replaced for my Jetta, via DIY.

A VW dealership quoted me $450 plus tax per mirror, with an extra few hundred dollars of labor cost.

By DIY, the total sum from my pocket is $237 tax included, spent on two used mirrors. It saves me more than $1000, on top of a greater sense of achievement.

The old left-side mirror


The new left-side mirror

The old right-side mirror

The new right-side mirror

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2 Responses to A Bigger DIY Car Project

  1. 木钉 says:

    The pair of “brand new” mirrors give your car a new great look!
    What a money-saving handyman!
    BTW, how did the mirrors get damaged?

    • frankxue3251 says:

      I am flattered.
      The driver (left) side mirror base was squeezed and then torn when I was backing out from my garage and had the mirror ran into a handle of my snow thrower.
      The passenger (right) side mirror was hit heavily by a truck door unwarningly opened by a lady standing by her truck next to the parking spot my wife was driving in. Since she was having her baby in one arm of hers, we let go her, not demanded for any compensation.

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