Empty Nest Comes into Being

Along with Jonathan’s moving into his university residence today, a state of empty nest officially claims my house.

I am not subjected to any “empty nest syndrome” so far, strange, is’t it? Let the time show it, if any.

But it is a milestone in my life after all, a mark of bringing up three kids over the past few decades. All of the three are grown ups and more or less managing their lives by themselves. Isn’t this a great achievement? I would say Yes!

My wife and I will celebrate it quietly in our ways.

My children, you all have my wholeheartedly blessings, and I wish you all a healthy, peaceful and relaxing life!

I also want you all to know that Mom’s and Dad’s love to you all won’t cease!

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2 Responses to Empty Nest Comes into Being

  1. 木钉 says:

    “Thank you Daddy for all you do!” – Happy Father’s Day, again. 🙂

  2. frankxue3251 says:

    Thanks for the heart-warming words!

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