Good Things or Bad Things

Real life sometimes can be complex enough for people to tell good things from bad things and vice versa. This statement was well illustrated by what happened to my working on some maintenance tasks scheduled for this morning.

Last night I meant to set the alarm clock to wake me up at 1:10am so that I would get ready by 1:30am to join my teammates to work on the tasks. But by mistake the alarm was set to 1:10pm instead. However, I was only 10minutes late because a bad dream awoke me up at 1:30 am and I rushed downstairs to join the team at 1:40am. That was the first bad thing –a bad dream– turned out to be a good thing to saved me from missing too much of my work.

While enjoying my luck and trying to make up the little delay, I started to push a bit too far by doing a higher degree of multi-tasking. A neglect of a simple command slided me into a mess which almost ruined the whole plan to complete everything before 7am. An example of good motivation and action resulted in a bad situation.

Frustrated with no clear thinking, I tured to a teammate. He hinted me to check if I had missed a key command which of course was the case. Boldly I decided to restart the erroneously going process right after issuing the command during the process. Miroculously it worked! That’s something new! And the rest was only some trivial steps to conclude the tasks. Once again a bad thing switched into a triumph.

I guess all these are what we call “life”!

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