Two Upgraded Classes of Air Canada’s Boeing 777-300

1. The new Executive First Class seat has a “more compacted” look but it gives actually more space and better privacy to its passenger . In addition, a bigger screen with improved user interface and more up-to-date programs may make the trip more joyous. On the other hand, the new seat colour seems less vivid then the previous — better or worse, a judgement call.
737_300_1st_class737_300_1st_class_old2. The brand new Premium Economy Class. This class offers more space to the passengers in a 2 + 4 + 2 sating plan, comparing with the regular Economy Class’ 3+4+3. Passengers also receive a flight package cheaper than the one for the First-Class passengers, while people flight regular Economy Class get none.

I am glad I had an opportunity to try out both of them in one round trip.

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