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A DIY Glass Cleaning Liquid

Cleaning the glass shower had long been a headache. Different commercial glass-cleaning products had been tried but none was easy to use and produced satisfactory result. Not any more! All because a DIY cleaning liquid is made following the tips from an Android … Continue reading

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下面的路该怎么走呢? 渐渐地迷失了方向。不想回头重复过去的老路,前方又是雾里看花。 渴望着,或者更准确地说是想象中,一个不一样又令人振奋的林荫大道会在脚前延伸。两侧,柳暗花明,风情万千。 只是它总是可望不可及,镜花水月般散射着的难以抗拒的虚幻诱惑,也仿佛希腊神话中的Sirens who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices。 知道那不真实,不现实,更会使人沉沦。 但是,一个人如果已经被欲望牵引,又被现实约束,更被心灵责备,剩下的日子该是何等的使人失望和迷惘!

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Have the Powder Room Renovated

One week spent on the powder room, to have everything replaced by newer and better: the painting, the light, the mirror, the vanity, the counter-top, the faucet,  the electrical outlets, the switches, the towlebar/ring, paper holder, the plumping, and the … Continue reading

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我佩服世界上这样一群女人: 不傍大款,不出卖灵魂,可以坚强、可以温柔、可以优雅,可以可爱。重点是,她们花的是自己打拼赚来的钱,还具备了贤妻良母的素质。 她们带来的不仅是财富,更是一种自信自立的精神,输过、败过、哭过、但从来都没有怕过怨过,她们就喜欢这样活着! 不委屈求全,不委屈求财。 人格独立,思想独立,没有公主的命,但有一颗女王的心! (三八妇女节)就要到了!送给正在打拼的~高贵女人们!祝福女同胞自已的节日开心快乐!!!.

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